Monday, May 28, 2012


Well we arrived in Chile about 8 o'clock on sat 26 of May. And to my home town around 1:00 am. My parents though we were coming June 15th. I have keys to my house so went ahead and entered. My dad was walking out of the bathroom just as i walked in. He stared at my for like 20 sec and didn't recognized me and then, before he said anything i went to my parents bedroom and there was my mom still awake and took her a little bit to realize it was me. Was pretty crazy surprise the like that. Me and my mom chatted until 4:00am, so forget it i didn't wake up to go to church.

So far it's been relax, I've met with a couple of friend and hung out with my family. We're are planning to go to different places so i'll post some pics.

please follow!

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