Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First day of school in KY for Rocio!

yesterday was our first day of school of fall. A lot of things went wrong for me.
Well for starters i didn't have my full 8 hours of sleep.
Since we were coming from Dothan i couldn't find my schedule nor print one.
Because of that i had a hard time finding my classes.
I pulled my laptop out to look up my schedule, turns out that Rube forgot to pack the charger and the pc had no battery left.
When i was finally able to print my schedule and head to class (15 min late) the class was not meeting ( the teacher sent an email i had no access to).
After everything went back to normal, rain started to pour down and i had to walk to meet Rube for lunch and gave him my useless computer.
After lunch i had another class to get to 1 mile away from MC D's , and guess what, it was still raining.
I got to my other class soaking wet.
And last but not least i had to go to financial aid, waited for about 1.5 hours and the only thing they needed was proof of citizenship. Which I would've had if i still had my computer bag with me containing my passport.
Then me and Rube met to find an extended stay hotel (details about why we needed one later) and everything we could find was so crappy i was freaking out at this point.
But as my mom always say "the sun always comes out after it rains". So it did. We are staying with some awesome church members until we get our place! yay

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