Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Year One in Louisville

Well It's so hard to start writing again, mainly because so many things have happened and I'm really behind writing posts.
Year one in Louisville has been great. We bought a house, I have been already in two different colleges and Rube has done really well in Dental school.
Ok, so I wish I could show the pictures I took of the house when we just bought it so it would be easy to show the before and after but maybe you can use your imagination. But I will write a post when we are done with all the renovations in the house. Overall we love having a place to call our own, and even though it's small we are very comfortable and love the area we live in.
I mention my schooling situations, so when we first moved in I signed up for classes at a community collage mainly because of the high out-of-state tuition rates. But after one successful semester I transfer to Indiana University Southeast, which I absolutely love, I've made good friends and honestly it make me feel a little more grown up. Good news is I only have one more year of undergrad, the scary thing is I need to prepare for the DAT which I still haven't and it's really scary to me, I have a fear of failure, so this time in my life is really stressful. Anyways, most of all I really love the drive to school, Louisville connect to Indiana with this beautiful bridges over the Ohio river and it is really beautiful when the sun is setting.

This is one of the bridges going on my way to school
And here is one on my way back
And Rube has done really well in Dental School, first semester was a rocky start but now he gets all A's and B's and has passes all his classes, and he has good reputation with his teachers, which is a plus for me when is my time to go to dental school. I'm so happy for all the effort ans success he has achieve this year. Thanks to Dental School we have met wonderful people, and I'm so grateful for that.
Here is Rube practicing on a fake patient

These are the teeth Rube let me practice. Not to shabby!

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