Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic games London 2012

I was born on an Olympic year (Seoul, S. Korea), and my sisters did too. So for me the Olympic games have always been something I must watch. I remember the first Olympic games that I watch I don't remember the athletes or who won gold metals but i do remember the mascot Cobi, it was so popular that it even had its own cartoon. I also remember getting up really early or staying up really late to watch the opening ceremonies.
Last Olympiads I was not able to watch them, since I had no control of the TV it was impossible (that's one of the consequences of living with other people), but anyways.
This year I had the pleasure to watch the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics which I had waited for ( because I love anything British).
So I wish success to my beloved country Chile. And to the USA, I know they are gonna win more than 100 medals like always so luck for them anyway!.

Let the games begin!!


  1. We watched the opening ceremony with Brian's family. It was fun, but so long!! Ha ha. So many countries!!

  2. I know, but it went faster than orher years!!